Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clochard dans la Nuit

Black and White: my favorite. Color is beautiful, and I will be the first to admit that. I love colorful objects and scenery and cannot get over the beauty of nature and its breathtaking color, but I feel that black and white is all that is necessary in accomplishing art. I do not need different shades and tones of this and that to create a piece of art, all I need is the most basic "colors"; black and white.
Whatever the object is I am drawing or face I am mimicking, I can express the picture in the same way as color does with something as simple as a black pen. Beauty does not need color such as the night sky which contains the aesthetic scene of a black sea with a silver moon and white shining stars. It is all beauty to me.
In saying all this I am proud to announce the first official piece of Blondes With Rubies.This kind of project is different from my previous black and white pieces. Can you guess what it is? The beautiful cat of the jungle is done in Scratch point. It was my first time trying it out, and turned out well I do have to say so myself. When I think of this picture originally being a blank sheet of black Scratch point paper, it amazes me. The other students in my class did a fabulous job as well. We had a variety of animals to choose from including: alligators, iguanas, birds, monkeys, squirrels, the ever famous cheetah, grizzly bears, and plenty more.
It took me a total of 5 weeks to fully complete; a 20+ hour project. It was worth it! The actual picture looks much better, but this is about as good as you can get when taking a photo of it and posting it on the internet. :)

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