Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Use Your Imagination

Sometimes things are unexplainable. What makes things happen, why things happen, who makes them happen, and when will they happen. As far as I know, it's all for a reason and it all will make sense eventually. You know, it's like when all of a sudden you feel that light go off in your head. It may not be the answer you are extremely thrilled to hear or one that you will hurry and go tell your family and friends, but certainly it is one that is an eye opener. There have been one too many situations in my life when this very thing has happened to me and I am sure that you all can relate.

This picture...you may wonder what it stands for, but you may also have used your imagination. Honestly you can make of it anything that you want, but to me, it has an extreme importance behind it and one that will forever remain in my mind. Interestingly this did not happen while sitting and thinking about what in the world will I draw, or an assignment that had a due date; the kind you rush to finish at the very end of the grading period because your teacher had just reminded you that things are due in one week. No, no not at all, but rather this was made while sitting in a highly uncomfortable seat sitting next to two complete strangers with a small table in front of me, an incredibly irritating ridiculously small window, and not to mention the untouched package of airline peanuts in my lap. I was hundreds of miles up where the world is nothing but pure spectacular scenery; where birds may not even be able to reach; where the sun beams it's light so clear that you feel you are no more than a few hundred feet away from it; where the clouds look as if they are your pavement; where the colors of the sky are perfectly painted against a blank canvas with no err. I saw this scene and thought of a dear close friend; a friend who I knew would want nothing more than to take a shot of God's marvelous wonder and hidden masterpieces. As I sat and thought of what the expression on his face would be if he were sitting next to me I laughed and pulled out my black ball point pen and my small drawing pad. This drawing had nothing to do with the omnibenevolent watercolor sky, but rather something to do with my friend. I knew how much he enjoyed my black and white artwork and how he enjoyed graphic design, so I threw together a little something like this picture you see above. It did not take me long, and it was not anything that took me a long time to figure out. I just drew and whatever came of it, that would be that.

It was only just recently that I showed this to my friend, and his reaction was just what I had been anticipating for a few months and besides that, I hoped he would like it. To my surprise he loved it. He does not know the story behind this drawing, but now he will. I am happy to hear that my random motivation to draw this while flying on a plane to Georgia came out to your liking. I do give you some credit for my inspiration and I apologize that you could not experience the unforgettable artwork I did that day.

In saying that, I guess my main point is, what inspires you? Is it seeing another person, thing, situation, event, scene, or music? Well, for me it is when I find something near and dear to my heart that I feel the need to express because of it's effect on me. Everyone has something that inspires them, so find something and use your imagination.

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  1. Dear, sweet K. I'm using my imagination and going forward a few years to see what becomes of you guys. Both possibilities make me cry. Thanks for the awesome post. And for being in our lives.