Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marilyn's False Colors

Officially my first piece presented to my blog in color. And wow, I actually cannot believe I let myself put it up, but I do have to say my good friend convinced me to put more of my work up. This one is for laughs. I did this last year in my art class for school, and honestly had a lot of fun. Using a medium that is outside of ones comfort range is pretty extreme, but totally worth it in some aspects. I absolutely love, love, love my pen, but this year my A.P. art teacher, Mrs. Barnhart, has encouraged that I expand and not solely depend on black and white. I agree, I just don’t like to admit it. J I am on a plane, once again, and looking out of my window. One of those windows that irritates the heck out of me because of its size; one of those windows where the glass is not actually glass; one of those windows that always seem dirty and foggy; one of those windows that limit the amount of gorgeous you can see; one of those windows that separates you from a whole new world; one of those windows that allows you to experience what we believe impossible. The beautiful colors that I am exposed to at this very moment don’t exist in the very world that I am so used to. In a sense I am jealous, but at the same time, I am thankful, mostly because I believe my world would take it for advantage. The next time you go on a plane, look outside your measly window and use your imagination. I don’t know how it makes you feel, but I literally feel like I am in a land of the unknown. The clouds lie imperfectly below like a huge ice land, or maybe a bunch of cotton balls that have turned into a surface for my feet. That layer is the barrier between reality and a dream. Who knew that we could have the amazing technology, and best of all it allows my crystal blue beauty seeking eyes to experience true color. The color that cannot be man made, no paints, no artificial coloring, no fabric dye…no. It is true and so innocent that just the slightest glance belittles me. For once in my life, I appreciate color for what it really is. I have always loved bright cheerful colors, earthy tones, and so on, but now, I appreciate them. Thank you, our glorious creator, for allowing me the opportunity to experience and ponder about the truth.

Now as for Marilyn, well I wouldn’t necessarily describe her as innocent and true, but I can say that this picture has officially proved to you all that I can work with color. I know it may sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie! J Marilyn Monroe is done in black pen AND colored pencil. Strange as it is to say, I am proud to announce it. Thank you to my dear friend who told me to “put up your colored pieces Kiki, seriously!” Here it is for y’all.

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