Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Life Verse

Very few times in my life have I been compelled to draw something with words written on a piece of art. I feel that the best way to express yourself is without word; silence. In this case, this it is my life verse and without this very reference written on it, I is as if I am hiding the truth behind my drawing.
James 1 talks about perseverance, trials, temptations, and fighting the fight. Personally, it is a difficult read the first time through because it appears to contradict all that I have learned in my Bible school classes or Sunday gatherings. When I read further and deeper into the verses, the Lord's mighty words become the story of my life; His words become my strive to fulfill my duties in my temporary home.
My Life Verse was created Summer of 2008. I began drawing it when I found out my grandmother Louise was ill. This verse was given to me as an assignment from a friend in the beginning of June. I read it. "Ehhh that's cool I guess." Finishing the read for a second time, "Okay okay I can see how it may apply..." Third time, "Wow, thats totally true! I never thought of it that way before. And the fourth time, "Dang, Josh you are good, no no JESUS you are good. Shooot how did you know?!" Well the first book of James had everything to do with what I was feeling and scary thing is my friend did not even know; weird.

It is strange to me how every time I reread these verses (James 1:1-19) I feel a relief off of my shoulders as if God is telling me, "Kirsten, this is my plan for you, you can do it, I know you can make it through, just trust in me and let me lead the way...". His words are comforting in my times of need, and I recommend to anyone who needs some comfort, that he/she reads these verses.

Actually just recently I gave a presentation in front of my Philosophy and Apologetics class on James 1 and it was a little depressing. That's probably what you get when the audience you are speaking to are teens who are extremely tired, teens who have listend to about 20 of these things already, teens who don't really give a care about what you are saying because its only nine in the morning, and teens who honestly...well who am I kidding they are TEENS! That should say enough in itself. I loved every minute of it, and all I wanted was for them to come to some knowledge of the fact that doing the right thing is actually worth it. Hard to believe? I know. It was worth it, my teacher liked it!

[This piece is simply a ball point pen (black); a.k.a my favorite and most preferred tool.]

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  1. beautiful - you're incredible Kirsten. keep up the fight. it seems to me you are winning. stay strong my dear Follower.